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coming soon a club for International students & travelers in San Diego 18-21 years and older!


A place for San Diego's International students to meet and mingle!

Sports, Food, Music, Dancing!

*Some events open to students under 21 years, but NO alcohol can be bought or consumed!

videoA place for San Diego's international student population to come together for music and food! For students from 18 and older, a place to enjoy some of San Diego's best musicians..

The Queen Bee in North Park -

Sunday nights at the World Beat Center in Balboa Park,

SPORTS - Cafe Calabria &  U31 in North Park

$_- cover charge= buffett, soft drink, DJ or band, dancing, TV sports events,

Amateur open mike, comedy,

Prizes - Zoo pass,

DJ & Musicians - ,

Transport available - Bus #7, #2, #10 or theTrolley. $-/per=?,

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9 Nov 09 - last update - 18 June, 2016